finding where I need to be....

I sit here in Delta's Sky Lounge- in Atlanta,  finally in that 'complimentary zone' of gold-medallion member- due to the many many miles I have traversed back and forth in the past year, between my two continents which add to my, life, love, art. The sun is setting and my eyes are red and tired.  This dry winter forced heat air is turning me into a prune- or perhaps a raisin, either way I feel parched.  I thirst for the Indian and Atlantic oceans, the salty sea air and the humidity which hates my hair but adores my skin.  I thirst for slipping back into the slipstream of life in SA- where I feel most content- most myself- most RIGHT.  Last night I attended my two- person exhibition with crazy talented glass artist, Richard Jones @ the Artisan Gallery in the tiny hamlet of Paoli, Wisconsin.  A week from now I'll be attending my exhibition with Carol Lee Fine Art in Johannesburg.  Life on two continents is wildly accessible now with flying and social media and instant know.  

I will board the 15.5 hour flight to Jozie and land in SA tomorrow evening SA time- I will once again, shift into eight hours ahead and the southern hemisphere and end of summers days. A far cry from sub-zero whiter than white temps in frigid Wisco.  feel blessed. tired and blessed. 




SA Rocks

THIS is what I love about South Africa; the people; the energy; the funk vibe; this is my dear friend Greg on a surf board for his 50th...after an very long hiatus due to an accident. you rocked it rocked it. xxxxxxxxxxx